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JALITE Product Catalogues

JALITE Product Catalogues

JALITE Product catalogues are available online from local web sites or by searching the data base. Please see the following web sites See also publications from our sponsored magazine on fire safety at

Self-Luminous Exit Signs: The Difference between Tritium and Photoluminescent Technologies

Self-Luminous Exit Signs: The Difference between Tritium and Photoluminescent Technologies

Self-luminous signs provide an alternative to the traditional electrical exit sign, but what are the options with self-luminous signs? One option is to use a Tritium exit sign, which is illuminated by a radioactive isotope of helium gas known as Tritium. The Tritium emits light for anywhere between 10 to 20 years as it decays. In order to have Tritium signs, it is required that the consumer have a “general license” that allows the radioactive material to be traced to them in the event that it is mishandled. They must also report all their signs to the NRC to ensure they are being properly disposed of; a process which can cost companies $100 or more per sign. In 2009, Wal Mart reported 15,000 of their 70,000 Tritium signs as missing, raising concerns that the signs may have been improperly disposed of and risked contaminating the environment and drinking water of surrounding neighborhoods. Wal Mart has since stopped all purchase of Tritium signs and has moved on to using photoluminescent exit sign where applicable. While Tritium exit signs are a viable non-electrical alternative to mark your exits, the risk associated with their radioactivity in your facility, their regulatory compliance requirements, and the cost of disposal makes them a difficult option to choose.  For more information about another non-electrical option to identify your exits contact us, or visit our website exclusively devoted to photoluminescent UL Listed Exit signs.

ISO EN 7010 New Amendment 4

A new amendment to ISO EN 7010 has been published which formalises the addition of shipboard safety signs to the workplace and public place safety sign arena. 48 safety signs are now standardized in ISO EN 7010 and fully meet the design requirements of ISO 3864 Standards. These safety signs are an integral part of the Shipboard Safety Sign Standard ISO 24409-2 to be published shortly.

Photoluminescent luminance decay properties

Photoluminescent luminance decay properties

Photoluminescent Luminance decay properties of JALITE products. JALITE products are all systematically tested for photoluminescent decay properties according to the test procedures given in BS ISO 17398 and BS ISO 16069. These methods all relate back to the original milestone German Standard DIN 67510 Part 1. JALITE as founder member of the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association was instrumental in setting the industry classification system which was formally adopted in the above ISO Standards. With recent developments in Codes and Standards for Photoluminescent Safety Products and in line with the recognized industry development it is now considered necessary to extend the PSPA material classification systems as follows:  Luminance Classes ISO 17398 and PSPA proposals Classification/Luminance mcd/m2 2 mins 10 mins 30 mins 60 mins Class A 108 25 7 3 Class B 210 50 15 7 Class C 690 140 45 20 Class D 1100 260 85 35 Class E 1800 400 120 55 Class F 2300 520 155 70 Class G 3000 650 190 80   The capability now to extend the luminance decay properties to close to 30 times the performance of the old industry base standard is remarkable and opens the door to improved escape route lighting applications and the eventual replacement of electrical escape route lighting. For more technical details and luminance properties under different light sources and illumination conditions please register and contact us.

Solve the Slips, Trips, and Falls Problem

Solve the Slips, Trips, and Falls Problem

 There are over 1 million people  injured and 12,000 fatalities due to falling down stairs each year; in people ages 64-84, falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths. In addition, businesses pay roughly over $11 billion a year on workplace accident. Statistics indicate the problem is actually getting worse, with the number of injuries from falling down stairs doubling in the last 10 years. Compare this to the number of fire injuries, which has been reduced by half, and one can see this issue must be addressed. There is a misconception that falling down stairs is due to poor traction, however building consultant expert and researcher Jake Pauls has found that it has more to do with people not properly seeing the stairs and misstepping. Experts suggest that you can prevent a misstep not only by improving lighting conditions, but also by marking the nosing of every step to make them more visible. That is why JALITE offers our range of stair markers, engineered to be visible in both normal and emergency conditions. For more information contact JALITE today.


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