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Mass Transport Systems

Mass Transport Systems

JALITE pionneered the application of photoluminescent safety way guidance systems in mass transport railways with research carried out with London Underground in the early 90's. A full scale egress exercise with wayguidance lines on the wall and platform was made giving egress speeds typical of ordered evacuation even under complete power loss situation.

Fire Control Plan Symbol Signs

Fire Control Plan Symbol Signs

Fire Control Plan symbol signs are available from JALITE with full Class C luminance performance providing highly visible markings for fire control equipment in case of emergency. You can use Search on JALITE on this site for products you require by simply typing in the description and product documentation or you can visit our JALITE dedicated MArine web sites at and

High rise buildings, photoluminescent, stairwell egress systems

High rise buildings, photoluminescent, stairwell egress systems

JALITE Group, through the pioneering work done by JALITE in the USA, has the most comprehensive range of products to meet retrofit and new build requirements for New York City Local Law 26, RS6-1 needs as well as the 2009 IBC/ICC Building Code Chapter 10 Section 1024 . Stairwell egress systems are expected to be required in all tall buildings throughout the world in the coming years as slow adoption takes place of International standards and Codes into Building Codes of local jurisdiction.


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ISO Signs and Symbols Standards affecting photoluminescent products

ISO Signs and Symbols Standards affecting photoluminescent products

A number of new ISO Signs and Symbol Standards have been published in the last year or are under revision and elaboration. The full series of ISO 3864 (parts 1 3 and 4) design principles are in the final stages of revision. ISO 24409 -1 for the design of shipboard safety signs has been published and ISO 24409-2 is progressing for the catalogue of shipboard safety signs many of which will be included in ISO 7010. All these standards are now impacting the safety sign and photoluminescent business. They cover design of safety signs, colour and photometric properties of safety signs, marine and offshore safety signs, water safety signs and escape and evacuation plans. JALITE has participated in the elaboration of all these Standards and if you want to find out what is going on just mail us.


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JALITE products are found from professionals in the fields of property management and maintenance, fire protection and fire prevention service companies, safety product supply companies and other specialist sign companies.

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Jalite is active in over 109 countries

In the 35 year history of JALITE, products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language, with the International Safety language English. It has been a JALITE tradition to fully comply with National and International Standards for the design of our products. Now, with JALITE presence on three continents and Authorised Distribtors world wide we can be considered local throughout the world. Interested to Distribute JALITE products in your area of safety or your district and country? Just send us a mail and contact us now with an introduction.

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