New York City was the first legal jurisdiction to adopt as law the use of photoluminescent technology in the vertical exits of high rise facilities.The common terminology for this requirement is Stairwell Egress path marking however in photoluminescent terms is Safety Wayguidance system (SWG) or non-electrical, escape route lighting.

JALITE is proud to haveplayed a big part of this development. JALITE was the leading manufacturer of photoluminescent safety products on the New York City task force that developed their reference standard for high rise, exit path markings (RS6-1) in accordance with their Local law 26. RS6-1 and which became the basis for revisions to the IBC, NFPA and Canadian building codes.

JALITE is playing a major part in satisfying the needs of building owners and facilites management as we observe the progressive adoption of the IBC 2009 Code throughout the world.