Words cannot express the importance of first responders. Every day over half a million calls are made to 9-1-1, calls which often bring first responders into action. Employees calling in an emergency at the workplace know the layout of the building, but it is more often the responders first time at the location. It is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure the safety of not only everyday occupants of the building, but also first responder in the event of an emergency.

Communicating hazards is key to the safety of both workers and first responders. “Put Yourself in Our Boots” is a campaign that emphasizes how crucial it is that business owners create a safe work environment. Their videos portray how treacherous a lack of communication can be for first responders, most of who are already being placed under deadly circumstances.

Traditional safety signs don’t communicate their message very well in an emergency. One way to keep first responders safe, is to communicate safety hazards in your facility using Jalite photoluminescent safety signs. When the lights go out, ours go on.™
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