Years after the tragic events on 9/11, the New York City Council enacted Local Law 26 in order to make New York City's tall buildings safer. The law requires that building owners install photoluminescent exit signs and marking at every exit door, pathway, and stairs. The law also requires that building owners perform an annual inspection of their egress pathways and keep a record of these inspections.

It has now been some time since Local Law 26 was enacted

Has your building performed its annual inspection within the last year? Did your photoluminescent system pass in its most recent inspection? Look no further than JALITE to supply you with what you need to bring your facility into compliance. As the first approved manufacturer of compliant products and the leading manufacturer to help write the code, you can be assured that JALITE Compliant is not only Code Compliantâ„¢ but will service well.

Contact JALITE today to find out about inspection services and installations to meet the photoluminescent egress path requirements of Local Law 26.

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