JALITE have dedicated 40 years to in house research and development, to create our market leading photoluminescent JALITE AAA material. We have worked with the world’s leading phosphor technology holders, to identify unique pigments for this material. JALITE AAA material is exclusively used across our 4,000 products including our renowned fire safety signs and non-electrical low location lighting; installed worldwide for life and fire safety. JALITE AAA products are installed across the worlds high rise residential buildings, tall buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, trains, aeroplanes, oil rigs, and ships. But what is photoluminescent material? Why do responsible persons consider this over other material for their safety products? How does photoluminescent technology mitigate risks of injury, harm, and death for occupants?


What is photoluminescence?

Photoluminescent material is phosphorus material that absorbs light (either daylight or artificial) within the surroundings, which then charges this material. The phosphors then emit this light out to increase visibility for those within proximity to the fire safety signs and products. The luminance performance and class of photoluminescent material is dependent on:

  • Time taken to charge the material to minimum emission of light (lux)
  • Time taken to lose the charge of the material
  • The level of millicandela (output) that can be reached.

JALITE AAA photoluminescent material boasts the best luminance performance on the market, with third party accreditation for testing proving that minimal lighting provides the longest light output. JALITE AAA photoluminescent material is categorised as C+ class material, with options for material that exceeds this for aircrafts and spacecrafts that is D + class upwards.

Rest assured that all JALITE AAA material conforms to requirements of DIN 67 510 part 1: 2020 for the measurement of phosphorescent pigments and products.


How does photoluminescent work to save lives?

JALITE AAA photoluminescent fire safety signs save lives by paving the way to safety in all lighting conditions. In an emergency evacuation where smoke has filled the area or there is loss of power, JALITE photoluminescent fire safety signs are proven to help occupants escape, by increasing the visibility of the escape routes during times of emergency. This has been the case since the installation of JALITE products in tall buildings since the tragic events of 9/11, as well as in many high- rise residential buildings in recent years since Grenfell.

In areas of infrequent light such as plant rooms on site, JALITE AAA photoluminescent fire safety products and signs still can be activated, achieving high optical brightness for safe egress.

All JALITE photoluminescent fire safety signs further protect the life safety of occupants, as all signage is designed to conform to fire safety sign Standards. Our fire safety signs are designed to BS EN ISO 7010:2020 for graphical symbols that allow for reinforced standardised, and therefore universal safety messages, for worldwide comprehension.  


Why choose photoluminescent?

JALITE AAA photoluminescent fire safety signs, have a 30+ year shelf life, a trusted source of fire safety equipment for occupants. Some of JALITE AAA photoluminescent products are still installed paving the way to safety even after two or more decades. JALITE photoluminescent fire safety products and signs are reliable, taking only a fraction of light to charge and activate the material. This is why JALITE AAA photoluminescent products are often installed alongside the buildings’ standard emergency electrical lighting available. JALITE photoluminescent fire safety signs and products, if maintained are often referred to as the failsafe option for getting evacuees out to a place of safety. Our fire safety products provide comparably competitive fire safety options, without you having to compromise on quality.

JALITE AAA photoluminescent material is often considered the more sustainable option for improving visibility in darkness and smoke for evacuees. Our material can be regarded as the environmentally friendly and sustainable option, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

JALITE AAA photoluminescent material is used to manufacture both rigid and vinyl fire safety signs, with both materials available for purchase in various sizes, either in standard signs or in bespoke signs.

JALITE AAA photoluminescent material is:

  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Matte, non-glare surface.


If you would like more information on JALITE AAA photoluminescent material, please call +44 (0) 1268242300 or email sales@jalite.com.