The arrival of new pigments in the 1990's has led to exciting developments for our industry.

These new pigments based on alkali earth aluminates doped with rare earth elements have produced the tools for JALITE to design and produce a full range of products to meet all means of escape needs.

This New and advanced technology has allowed JALITE to introduce JLUME photoluminescent materials that produce exceptionally long luminance decay characteristics compared to standard photoluminescent materials. These materials are suitable for high risk areas where egress may be slow or where light levels are lower.

JLUME Plus is now well progressing and JALITE will be pushing Standards further for Class E materials in 2006 and for future F and G classes as technology and economics improve.

JALITE uses its own proprietary technology for pigments and is fully licensed to use patented technology in the field. Users of high performance photoluminescent materials should assure themselves that any suppliers can produce evidence that they are not infringing current patents, as the application in safety products is also claimed in current patents.